Chambermaid Chiefs are included in every game set of Tanto Cuore. Each game will include one Maid Chief and one Chambermaid Chief. Each player's starter deck will contain 7 "1 Love " cards and 3 Chambermaid Chiefs.

Chambermaid Chiefs do not provide any bonus effect during gameplay, but can be worth Victory Points at the end of the game. In addition, they can be removed from your hand and placed in your Private Quarters during your Serving Phase to lighten your deck.

According to the game rules, Chambermaid Chiefs are technically considered Maid Chiefs.

Chambermaid ChiefsEdit


Chambermaid Chiefs are essentially clutter, since they do not provide any bonus effect and are not worth many VP. Removing them from your deck as quickly as possible will allow you to draw more useful cards each turn. Moving a Chambermaid Chief to your Private Quarters costs 2 Servings , however, so you'll need to employ maids that generate extra Servings (if they are available).

Purchasing a large number of Chambermaid Chiefs is generally not a great idea except as a last minute VP grab, since they will clutter your deck and are difficult to remove. However, if your game includes Colette, don't ignore her unique VP bonus: The player who has employed the most Colettes at the end of the game gets an extra 5 VP. It's not much, but it can make a difference, especially if other players fail to notice that you've employed more Colettes than they have.

Chambermaid Chiefs can also be removed from your deck by purchasing Estates, if available.