Love is the currency of Tanto Cuore . It is used to employ maids from the Town, and to purchase other useful cards. Players' main source of Love is Love cards, but it can also be generated by General Maids, Private Maids, and Reminiscences.

Love cards can be purchased from the Town during a player's Employ phase. When purchased, they are placed in the active player's discard pile. You do not need a Service to "play" a Love card. If you have a Love card in your hand at the start of your Employ phase, then that Love can be used to purchase cards that turn.

Types of Love CardsEdit

Love cards are available in the following denominations:

  • "1 Love" (costs 1 Love)
  • "2 Love" (costs 4 Love)
  • "3 Love" (costs 7 Love)

The same number of each Love Card are included in each of the three Tanto Cuore game sets. The only difference is their graphics.

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