Private Maids are a kind of card in Tanto Cuore. They are included in two editions of the game: Tanto Cuore (Base Game) and Tanto Cuore: Expanding the House. They represent maids that you can employ to serve you and improve your estate. Unlike other kinds of maids, Private Maids are each one-of-a-kind, and found in a single stack in the Town. Only the top two cards in the Private Maid stack are available for purchase at any time. To reveal new Private Maids, one of the currently available ones must be employed. 

Also unlike General maids, when employed, a Private Maid goes directly into your Private Quarters. Each Private Maid has a unique ability that provides a beneficial gameplay effect, and some are worth Victory Points . Unlike General Maids , Private Maids' abilities don't cost any Servings to activate. Instead, they are activated once every turn for as long as the Private Maid is actively employed. Private Maids remain active for the remainder of the game unless one of two things happen: The Private Maid can be afflicted with an Illness, in which case she will be covered up by an Illness card and her ability and VP are nullified until the Illness is healed. Also, If another Private Maid is purchased, she is placed over top of any existing Private Maids, also nullifying their abilities (but not their VP).

List of Private MaidsEdit