Safran Virginie
Job Title Chambermaid
Employ Cost 3 Love
Ability +2 Love
Chambermaid Bonus For each set of Safrans you have in your Private Quarters at the end of the game, you get bonus VP: 2 Safrans = 4 VP, 3 Safrans = 8 VP, 4 Safrans = 12 VP.
Found in Tanto Cuore (Base Game)

Safran Virginie is a General Maid and Chambermaid found in Tanto Cuore (Base Game)


Employing Safran is a safe investment. Her +2 Love bonus is not as effective as having a '2 Love' card in your hand. But Safran's Chambermaid bonus can really add up. Make sure to move 2-4 Safrans into your Private Quarters for maximum VP. 4 Safrans in your Private Quarters is worth as many VP as employing 2 Marianne Soleils and costs a lot less Love. If you start employing Safrans too quickly, however, other players will likely notice what you're up to and try to end the game before you can move any of them to your Private Quarters.