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This wiki is all about the deck building card game Tanto Cuore! Help this wiki grow by editing and adding pages!

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Tanto Cuore - General Info about the game (formats, release dates, history etc)

Tutorial - Beginner's guide to playing Tanto Cuore.

There are four editions of Tanto Cuore, each of which is a standalone game. They can also be combined for greater variety!

There is another edition called Motto Tanto Cuore. This cannot be combined with the other four editions.


Tanto Cuore Maid Randomizer - An online maid randomizer created by Buford. It randomizes and create different setups for Tanto Cuore and its expansions!

Arclight Games - The official publisher for Tanto Cuore

Japanime Games - The official US distributor for Tanto Cuore

Tanto Cuore Official English Website

Tanto Cuore Official Japanese Website

Tanto Cuore Facebook Page

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